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The tight twisting wool enables the pad to retain a consistent level of cut and aggressiveness for the desired amount of time.
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Ideal for use on light scratches
Restore and revive dull.
100% Wool for superior cut and finish

Chemical Guys Twisted Wool Cutting Pad is available in a 5 inch diameter, perfect for a 5  inch hook & loop backing plate. Ideal for use with Scratch and Swirl Buff on a compound to clean up restore and revive dull, oxidized, or recently color-sanded paint. Ideal for any job Wool pads reduce time and increase results through heat. Wool pads transfer more heat through friction then foam pads. Chemical Guys Lake Country’s Wool Cutting Pad is made of 100% wool, No Sheep were harmed in the making of this pad. Sheep are simply groomed and within a few months will re-grow all of the wool that was shaved. You may ask who cares about a sheep? We do. Sheep are very cool, and soft. Sheep make detailing faster and better because of wool.

The tight twisting wool enables the pad to retain a consistent level of cut and aggressiveness for the desired amount of time. The twisted wool is twisted into hundreds of individual strands to produce a 1.5 inch pile. Ideal for any professional the pad is very durable and long lasting. The same pad chosen by most body shops is now available to enthusiasts and detailing professionals. Oh Yes like any true performer its always best to fluff before going to work!


About fluffing your wool pad
When working for long periods of time Wool pads can cake up with product. If a pad is “Caked Up” it is best to clean it or fluff it to reduce marring. Cleaning spurs or a steel brush can be used to clean the pad. Make sure your machine is in the “ OFF POSITION” we recommend unplug it to reduce injury in case through some mysterious freak accident it turns on. Turn the machine to the lowest speed setting. Hold spurs or a steel brush against the pad as it rotates. The wool on the pad will fluff up in seconds enabling you to use it again. The 100% wool pile and SURLYN® backing ensure consistent, professional results every time you polish. All pads have a performance cycle, meaning you will get the desired results only to a certain point. That point of declining performance is typically caused by compound overload. With proper cleaning this situation can be avoided.

Knitted Wool and Wool Blends
Knitted pads are used primarily for polishing applications. The polishing process refines the working finish to eliminate compounding swirls and scratches. Proper cleaning is especially important in achieving optimum pad performance.


Follow these general rules for better results from your wool pads
Make it a practice to periodically check the pad during the buffing process. Clean the pad when the pad surface begins to glaze over from compound/polish build up. We also recommend washing or spurring the pad prior to storing for future use. Never use a screwdriver, fork or other stationary "tool" to spur a pad. This promotes the untwisting of the tufts and may damage the pad's backing. We recommend using our CG SPURS cleaning tool instead. This patented product features glass filled nylon spur wheels that move with the pad, limiting the untwisting action. After washing, do not dry pads with high heat as this promotes wool shrinkage. Instead, let pads air dry or spin them using the buffer. Keep pads in a clean location when not being used. This will minimize foreign particles from coming in contact with the buffing surface the next time you use the pad.

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