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Would you like to take your business to the next level by becoming a Smartwax distributor or by joining our exclusive licensing program?

To receive a complete distributor kit there are few important qualification and documentation requirements:
Program Requirements

Provide verifiable documentation that your company is a registered business entity (by means of: proof of business registration and proof of marketing materials)
Ensure that the program applicant is an authorized representative of the documented company - a partner, principal, or executive
Comply with all Authorized Smartwax Distributor/Licensee : agreements, policies, and practices

Open opportunities for the following regions;
- East Netherlands (Overijssel, Gelderland)
- South Netherlands (Limburg)
- Central Netherlands (Utrecht)
- Belgium (Wallonia)

Smartwax provides official distributors (regional brokering for dealers and professional users) a globally proven and powerful sales support, product training, lead generation and more ...

To be officially Smartwax distributor there are some qualification and documentation requirements before receiving exclusive distributor kit. Read it carefully before you continue with your registration.

To register as Smartwax dealer you should be an existing company registration
discuss and agree to the following conditions;
1. Comply Smartwax dealership, policy and practical training
2. Submission of verifiable documentation such as registration in Chamber of Commerce Registry and marketing materials such as brochures
3. Ensure that the candidate is authorized to log on to register the company to be allowed to represent.
4. Agree with aanmeldingsfee after we get your registration as a distributor confirmed by phone. This one-off fee will stand with the exclusive distributor kit and does not guarantee a distributor function, for this we will first substantive talks.

Please also inform us about ...
1. Contact details
2. Business Nature like; automotive wholesale, auto shop chain, car dealership chain, retail chain etc ...
3. How long you have been active in the car care and car reconditioning industry
4. What brands and products you're selling or have sold

All this can be sent by fax to 0031 (0) 847 to 133,557 or by e-mail to [email protected]