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SmartWax is launching a new line-up of "Evolution-Kits"...
These kits are based on the real-deal which means the kit is based the BIG 16oz (473ml) bottle, so no small-sizes but the real content which now is offered at a major value-advantage for any detailer, enthusiast, car-lover out there...

Not only are the "Evolution Kts" a great buy for your own use and satifaction, these are as well a great gift-idea for a birthday, holidays, bcz you love someone etc... SmartWax is all about style and all about love and we do believe in the "art of giving", just like you...

Anyway, enough said sofar, let's go to the content...

Evolution Clay Kit; 
A great kit for removing contamination of any painted surface and make it smooth as glass,ideal to clean and prepare like this before applying a thin coat of SmartWax, SmartSealant or SmartConcours, which contains;
- 1 x SmartWax Detail
- 1 x SmartClay (100gr)
- 1 x Microfiber SmartTowel Pink

All SmartWax "Evolution Kits" are packed with sense for design in a transparent and chique giftbox which carries some of the main characteristics of the SmartWax-Identity... Make sure you get the max of value in autodetailing to your beloved ones or to yourself and get hooked up with all of our "Evolution Kits" available today...

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Informations supplémentaires

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