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Evolution Polish & Gloss Kit

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So let's do it, take some time off, and prep & finish your ride to the max... and make peoples head's turn!!!
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Let's give it the X-Factor, sorry the S-Factor

Yes yes yes, let's give your ride the SmartWax-factor... make it tight, prep the paint so so smooth and free your car from paint-defects as scratches, swirls, hologrammes etc... etc...

The professional compounds are based on diminishing-abrasives formulations which are very powerful, got the flexibility to match the needed abrasive to the different sort of paint, are easy to use, dust-arm and extremely result-orienntated. With the right pad and the right polishing-machine this will make you smile detailing your car's paint so smooth and clear as it might never done before.

Now you're ready for prepping the as new paint with or the immense popular pink carnauba-based SmartWax which again is extremely easy to use, doesn't smear on trims and rubbers, cures fast and while  buffing off making you smile again... Talking about shine!!!... And / or even to be topped off with the SmartConcours Carnauba Paste-Wax for the  extra add-on and protection...
To answer your qustions; YES! This Paste-Wax makes a difference... It has many positive reviews on different international autodetailing-forums and is being used by popular professional detailers all over the industry.

So let's do, take some time off, and prep & finish your ride to the max... and make peoples head's turn!!!

Kit contains;
1 x SmartWax Professional Power Cut 473ml
1 x SmartWax Professional Scratch & Swirl Remover 473ml
1 x Smartwax Professional Ultra Light Compound 473ml
1 x Smartwax Professional Wet Shine Synthetic Detailer 473ml
1 x SmartWax 473ml
1 x SmartConcours 242gr
1 x Microfiber Applicator as BONUS

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