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I just washed my car last week and it looks a little dusty what can I use to clean it up?

Using a quick detail spray like smartdetail will safely and quickly shine the surface and remove light dust and dirt.

Will SmartCarwash strip off waxes and sealeants?

No, the scientifically-formulated lubricating shampoo and conditioner is a cutting-edge formula that is tough yet gentle on all painted finishes as well as rubber, vinyl and plastic components and will not remove waxes or sealants.

How do I know if I need to clay?

After washing your auto, carefully run your hand across the hood or surface, if it feels rough and gritty it’s time to clay. Regardless of whether your auto is new or used contamination rapidly settles on surfaces ruining a perfect shine and damaging the surface.

I have never heard of claying a surface with a clay bar, what should I know?

Claying is an intense deep cleaning step that should be performed as often as contamination is felt on a surface. It is a process by which our autos surface is decontaminated. It offers an excellent surface cleaner for paints, fiberglass, painted plastics rubber, glass and metals.

The surface of your auto should always be smooth prior to application of and wax, polish or sealant. 

My local detail shop uses a buffer, is that the same as claying?

No, often times buffers, high speed orbital polishers and compounds can be used in cleaning a surface but they are a much more harsh and abrasive solution. Because clay bars are non-abrasive they will not scratch or wear off paint or clear coat layers. Buffing or polishing is the process of sanding down or removing paint or clear coat levels, where as claying actually pulls out foreign particles and contaminants that have embedded themselves in the paint, without removing paint. A smooth surface is ideal for application of smartwax to bring out color and enhance durability. For maximum protection on a smooth and freshly clayed surface apply a coat of smartsealant paint protection system.

Should I just rub it on the paint like an eraser or do I need a clay lubricant?

You will absolutely need a clay lubricant of quick detail spray to lubricate the surface before you start claying. Clay should move freely over the surface without any friction or effort. Without a lubricant the clay car will catch on contaminants, pull them across the surface, and possibly risk scratching or damaging the autos surface.

Smartdetail was formulated two be a superior clay bar lubricant and a quick detail spray in one, helping to lubricate the surface while leaving behind a brilliant shine. Smartdetail and clays bars are formulated to work together!

How often should I apply a fresh coat of wax?

Automakers recommend waxing regularly to enhance the appearance of the auto and protect our auto’s surface from contamination and elements.  Even though Smartwax is formulated to last 4 to 6 months apply wax regularly will enhance shine and add extra protection.

How easy is it to use Smartwax® in the sun?

Smartwax®goes on and comes off with incredible ease.  Smartwax’s unique wax blend emulsion makes it the only wax that can be applied in the sun or the shade, on a wet or dry surface, while still retaining its premium ability to shine and enhance the surface appearance.

My vehicle is old will Smartwax® work for me?

It is designed for all paints, old and new, and is exceptional on base coat clear coat and metallic paints. Use it on acrylic, enamel, lacquer, gel coat, fiberglass and all smooth surfaces.

Is wax enough or should I use a sealant?

Sealants bond with paint surfaces to enhance protection, and are engineered to outlast waxes under high temperature conditions. Smartsealant takes longevity, durability, protection, and extreme shine to the next level by setting a new standard in surface enhancement and protection. Our unique blend of detergent resistant polymers and fluorocarbon resins combined with Smartwax Brazilian Ivory Carnauba and natural oils delivers a protective sealant that is unmatched.

How easy is it to use Smartsealant?

Smartsealant can be applied in multiple layers to deepen the shine and level of protection without compromising your paint or clear coat. Smartsealant coats your vehicle in a protective seal delivering a glossy, rich, liquid shimmer that leaps off the paint surface

Can I use Smartdetail as a quick detailer and a waterless carwash?

Yes, simply spray quick detail spray on microfiber towel and wipe surface gently buff to a perfect shine with the clean size of the towel.  Smartdetail will not strip wax or sealants in fact it offer s superior quick shine between waxes and sealing.

Can Smartdetail be used as a clay bar lubricant?

Yes, The specialized ingredients in this high-lubricity spray wax deliver unparalleled surface lubrication and minimize friction allowing clay bar to glide easily across the surface/

What do the pro’s do that I should know about to really enhance shine?

Detailers, body shops and show professionals often times suggest following the sealant process with a fresh coat of smartwax to even further layer the shine. Because the synthetic sealant acts as a gloss layer, the carnauba wax can be layers on to of the sealant to add  depth and enhance shine.

Can Smartleather be used on seats and door panels that are both vinyl and leather?

Smartleather is uniquely formulated to clean condition and preserve the strength, beauty and flexibility of old and new leather, imitation leather and vinyl. Smartleather nourishes and moisturizes to lubricate individual fibers of leather and vinyl, keeping them from becoming brittle and dry. Its pH balanced formula replenishes essential, natural nutrients that evaporate over time.  blocking ultra-violet rays that will quickly cause deterioration of the leather and shorten its lifespan significantly.

Is Smartdressing greasy and oily?

No., Smartdressing is a non-greasy extra dry premium conditioner and protectant  that is highly versatile and provides outstanding long lasting shine and protection to all tire, rubber, vinyl and leather surfaces.

Will Smartdressing sling up on my car when I drive off?

No, because Smartdressing is  water based it leaves the surfaces shiny and dry. Unlike oil based products it will not sling up or attract dust.

How often should I apply smartleather conditioner to my leather?

Because smartleather is a protectant and a conditioner you can apply it as often as you wish however it lasts 3-4 weeks so applying it once a month is more then enough.

My car smells  what can I do ?

All fragrances, good or bad, are derived from the chemical break down of organic matter. When you walk into a room or get into a auto and notice a foul reek hanging in the air. Smartcarpet is uniquely formulated with d-limonene to clean fast while leaving behind a very light pleasant clean citrus smell.  Smartcapet the stains and say goodbye to unpleasant odors!

Do I need to use a lubricant when I clay the surface?

Yes, absolutely.  Clay is formulated to work with a lubricant and will always need a good lubricant to aid it in gliding freely across the surface.  A well lubricated surface decreases resistance and the chances of scratching a surface.

Is soapy water the same as a spray lubricant?

No, soaps tend to try out and not offer the same lubricity as a lubricant like smart detail. Soaps and dishwashing liquids will ruin the integrity of the clay bars and often times cause the clay bar to fall apart and not work properly.

How do I remove overspray, tree sap, and surface roughness?

Smartclay is a polymer clay that you rub over the vehicle’s surface to pick up contaminants without scratching the paint. The Clay Bar process is one of the most critical steps in detailing your vehicle, boat, RV, motorcycle, or aircraft. 

I dropped my clay on the ground.  Can I still use it?
No.  Clay will pick up all dirt, rocks glass and other small particles of grit from the ground that will scratch your paint.

Do I need to wax the surface once I have clayed it?
 Yes.  Clay will clean the surface and remove contamination however our auto’s surface needs a layer of protection from the elements, it is always best to follow a good claying with smartwax, or for optimal durability with smartsealant surface protectant.

If I use clay do I still need to wax or polish my paint?
Yes.  Clay will not remove swirl marks, scratches or etching from acid rain or hard water spots.  Paint polish is still required to remove these paint defects.  If your paint is new or like-new, detailing clay will significantly reduce the amount of polishing required to keep your paint in good condition.

Is it better to use soapy water or a spray lubricant?
Both work equally well.  If you want to do the job fast, use a bucket of soapy water.  If you want to work inside or do a thorough job, use a spray lubricant.  With a spray lubricant you can wipe down each panel as you go and feel for areas you missed.

Where do I keep my clay when I am done?
 Always store you clay in a cool dry place, try to store it in an air tight container or a jar.

Will clay remove my wax or sealant?
Yes in most cases claying a surface will remove some wax and sealants, regardless it is always recommended to re-wax or re-seal a surface for optimal protection when you are done.

How will claying help my auto? Do I need to clay?
Claying is a process to decontaminate the paint, ultimately preparing it for polish and wax. This is an intense deep cleaning that should be preformed as often as your autos surface is rough. A clean smooth surface looks letter, feels better, shines better and is ideal for application or wax and sealants because they all of for better contact with the surface. 

Is claying the same thing as polishing?
Claying is a little more intense than polishing alone, however it is non-abrasive and easy to do. Claying pulls foreign particles, and contamination out of your autos surface allowing the polish to do its job, of filling in scratches and bringing out the shine.