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Smartcarpet™ is the ultimate in spot and stain removers.

Great for: Interior carpet, upholstery & exterior convertible tops

Smartcarpet is not a shampoo or a soap it is a professional extractor that travels deep to the source of the stain while effortlessly and effectively braking down and eliminating ugly spots, stains, grease and grime from your carpets, upholstery, seats, or literally any interior surface.

Dilute 20 to 1 with water for normal cleaning. SmartCarpet deodorizes as it cleans. Your whole car will smell fresh and clean.
SmartCarpet is easy to use.  Simply spray, agitate with a brush or sponge, and wipe or blot dry.


    * Cleans & deodorizes carpet and fabric upholstery
    * Powerful spot remover
    * Removes ground in grime from interior vinyl & plastic
    * Makes soiled floor mats look like new



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