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Smart ONE Gallon

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Smartwax.eu - 20105G, Der erste umweltfreundlicher Lösung um einen perfekten Glanz zu bekommen ohne Wasser. Eine glatte hochglanz hergestellt um zu Waschen, Pflegen und Schutzen, ohne Wasser, Wasserflecken, Swirls, Streifen oder Kratzer welcher evt. verursacht werden bei die reguliere Wasche.
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SmartONE - New Generation of Waterless Car Wash, Wax & Sealant in ONE

One waterless wash system
The first Environmentally Friendly one step answer to achieving a show perfect shine effortlessly and without water. An ultra slick non-stick high-shine all-weather gloss magnifier, organically formulated to wash, polish, wax and protect in one step, with no water waste, water spots, swirl marks, streaks, or scratches which may result from conventional car washing.

one waterless wash systemSimply misted onto surface, one softens, lifts, and encapsulates dirt particles in a protective lubricant that is easily and safely wiped away with a microfiber towel. The light carnauba wax haze left is then buffed away leaving a beautiful showroom shine, that reduces static charge allowing for maximum repellency of dirt.

Formulated with UV light absorbers to block the damaging effects of the sun, one shines and reflects like a mirror.

Wash, Polish, Wax, & Protect your car, RV, motorcycle, plane, boat, etc. in one easy step with one. Great for chrome, wheels, plastic, glass, metal, fiberglass +more.

Green Fact :
The average homeowner uses between 80 – 140 gallons of water (International Car Wash Association) during a driveway car wash. The average American washes their car at home once a month using 110 gallons of water. That’s an estimated 1320 gallons of untreated water, what rinses off from your car goes right into the storm drains and eventually into rivers, streams, creeks and wetlands where it poisons aquatic life and damages other ecosystem havoc .This is harmful to the environment.  

one-is waterless, and eco-friendlier. A single bottle of one will wash 2-3 cars that's a savings of 240-420 gallons of precious water in just 3 washes.

Volatile Organic Compound Compliant

Size: AIRLESS 150ml (enough for 1-2 cars)
If you add REFILL to your order (enough for 4-6 cars)


- shake well to activate
- spray light coat onto cool surface
- wipe with microfiber towel in one direction to lift and remove dirt without scathing the surface
- as haze appears use a clean microfiber towel to buff to a mirror shine.



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