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The ShMitt

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THE ULTIMATE 2-SIDED SCRATCH FREE WASH MITT! By forming a pocket between two layers of their unique foam compositions, they’ve made a foam wash mitt that retains its shape, sheds dirt and fits your hand like a glove. The ShMITT is a multi-purpose foam mitt that utilizes a ultra soft soap-retaining foam to wash the car.The ShMITT utilizes material that has already been proven safe and effective on vehicle surfaces because it’s the same foam found in Edge 2000 pads. White/Yellow Wash ShMITT: REDUCE SCRATCHES-Maintain that perfect finish wash after wash after wash. Wash with the gentle white foam front. This is the same foam found in the Edge white ultrafine polishing pad. The soft, closed-cell foam sheds dirt, rather than retaining it. Dirty water is able to escape from under the mitt thanks to the convoluted wave surface. Since the dirt is not rubbed into the paint, wash-induced swirls are greatly reduced Because the ShMITT is made of smooth foam, it will not leave threads or fibers behind on the vehicle. The solid foam mitt maintains its shape through countless uses. The beveled edge allows the ShMITT to clean in crevices and seams easily. Edge 2000 6 Inch Green Medium Cut DuraFoam PadThe backside of this ShMITT is made from coarse yellow foam. This foam works well as a spot scrubber to remove insects and tar from your vehicle’s exterior. Use it on lower body panels and problem areas as you wash your vehicle. Yellow/White Interior Shmitt: Clean interior surfaces with this slightly coarser yellow foam. The yellow foam can be used to safely clean leather, vinyl, dashboards, and door panels. Since these materials are often textured, the light scrubbing ability of the yellow foam expertly cleans uneven surfaces. The beveled edge allows you to effectively clean the seams and crevices of your vehicle’s interior. The mitt design makes it quick and easy to clean curves, corners, concave spaces, and crevices without dropping your ShMITT. The white backside of the Interior ShMITT is the same soft, absorbent foam found in the original Wash ShMITT. This smooth, soft foam applies leather conditioners and protectants in a thin, even coat with no mess. Easily follow the curves of interior surfaces with the comfortable ShMITT to apply products all over, even the sides of the seats that were formerly hard to • sheds grit to prevent scratching • beveled design reaches tight spaces • ergonomically and environmentally sound for more details Foam holds suds better than wool (how absorbent is a sweater?). When you squeeze the ShMitt, you instantly replenish the cleaning fluid - so you spend less time at the bucket and more time washing the car BETTER • Foam specifically engineered for gentle cleaning • Convoluted Edge Wave© surface • Patented Edge® bevel design enables you to reach narrow spaces • Holds suds better than wool • No sloppy corners to snag, bunch up or fling fluids • Sheds grit easily - grit doesn't work into the pad, so it’s much less likely to scratch paint • Foam resists deterioration so texture stays consistent • Won’t rot or mildew • 4 versatile models, one for every task The ShMitt is made from gentle yet durable polyester foam. Unlike wool or fabrics, the foam retains its texture and softness through repeated uses. Above: a new ShMitt, and one that has been used to was more than 60 cars by one of our customers. EASIER • Fits like a glove, not a bag • Soft poly foam is comfortable next to your skin • Ergonomic design reduces carpal tunnel stress CLEANER • No animals are affected in any way • Saves water – rinses clean in seconds • Environmentally responsible manufacturing: all materials are recycled

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